Power Supply Controller with USB


The PIA4850 is a power supply controller with USB interface to control Kikusui DC power supply with TP-BUS. PAS Series, PWR Series or other models that equips TP-BUS can be digitaly controled by PC, as well as for read-back of output values and status monitoring. It operates using bus power and with its simple system and compact structure, you can use whenever you need with easy setup.


  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • Can be used with Windows Vista/XP/2000.
  • Operates using bus power. Requires no AC adapter.
  • Bus power operation. No AC adapter required.
  • Allows read-back of output values and status monitoring.
  • Can control up to 32(*1) DC power supplies that equip TP-BUS(*2).
    (Different power supply models can be combined.)
    TP-BUS connection can be extended up to 200 m. Ideal for remote monitoring !

*1: The maximum controlable units are 31 when the connections include PAM series or PMR series unit.
*2: TP-BUS (Twist-Pair BUS) is an original Kikusui interface.


Model Specification
PIA4850 The power supply controller only for digital control. It is equipped with the USB interface. And it is capable of digitally controlling of Kikusui PWR, PAS, PAM and PMR Series DC power supplies via the TP-BUS.
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