[5kV AC] Hipot Tester, Rise/Fall-Time Control Function Equipped


TOS5200 is designed for AC Hipot Test with 500 VA capacity and 200 mA short circuit current output capability. Equipped with the PWM amplifier, the TOS5200 can provide a stable & reliable output without being affected by ACpower line. Therefore, it is a perfect solution for electronic equipment or devices complied to IEC, EN, UL, VDE andJIS etc. requirement.
As TOS5200 covers most of features of our upper class model for AC Hipot Test, it achieves thesuperb cost / performance ratio for those who need 200 VA or 500 VA capacity, or both. Also, as it equips the Interlockfunction together with other safety features, operator can carry out the test with higher current value in safe.


  • Rise/Fall Time control function of the applied voltage
    [Equipped with a Rise time/Fall time control function]

    Prevents from an excessive stress applied to the EUT or for standard tests.
  • Highly stable output
    [Newly developed, high-efficiency PWM switching amplifier !]

    Providing a stable output of high voltage without being affected by AC line variation. Ensure the user to perform highly reliable testing with confidence, even in regions with large voltage variations. (Input voltage fluctuation rate: ±0.3 %)
  • High Precision High Resolution
    [± 1.5 % of reading*]

    High-precision measurement ±1.5 % of reading
    *(with voltmeter 500 V or higher, Ammeter 1 mA or higher)
  • Reducing the tact time
    [Increasing the productivity !]

    Capable of setting the test time from 0.1 s
  • Supporting the World-wide input voltage
    [Universal usability ! / Selectable output frequency !]

    Usable in any country without changing the input power supply. Not rely on the input power environment. It supplies the stable test voltage with 50/60 Hz frequencies.
  • Pursuing usability and safety
    [All new smart design of control panel and output terminals!]

    Eliminates the projected components of output terminals, and equips with a new type of the LOW terminal. Pursuing the improvement of safety and a conveniencein production line, such as providing the protection cover for the front panel.


Model Specification
TOS5200 The PWM amp system provides highly-stable output, 5kV/100mA (500VA) AC Hipot (withstanding voltage) test, High-precision measurement ±1.5% of reading (with voltmeter 500V or higher, Ammeter 1mA or higher), Rise time/Fall time control, Key lock function and Protection cover for key operation, Equipped with RS-232C / USB interface