[10kV DC] Hipot and Insulation Resistance Tester for PV Module


The TOS9213AS, DC Withstanding Voltage/Insulation Resistance Tester, is the test instrument that can handle the insuration test with high voltage and high resolution required for the evaluation of the PV module, Cable, Connector, and Junction Box. The TOS9213AS is equipped with functions of the DC withstanding voltage testing and the insulation resistance testing accompanied with the features and performance of Kikusui’s high-end model TOS9200 series, and it extends additional features and specifications exclusively applied to the PV module testing. Furthermore, the TOS9213AS improves the current measurement accuracy of the DC withstanding voltage testing from the original specification of the TOS9000 series.


  • Up to 10 kV/5 mA with a maximum output of 50 W in DC withstanding voltage test
  • Perform insulation resistance testing in the range of -25 V to -1500 V / 0.01 M to 9.99 G
  • Applies for the testing of IEC61730-2 standard
  • High-precision current measurement, 1 μA of the setting resolution for judgement
  • Low output ripple of 100V p-p at 10 kV with consideration of capacitive load
  • Rise-time control function makes a voltage to be increased slowly and it will not give effect of the stress to the PV module
  • The judgement method of the insulation resistance test can be selected by using the current value in addition to the resistance value
  • The phenomena of voltage appearance by the dielectric absorption, the forcible discharge timer function can be set up to 300 seconds


Model Specification
TOS9213AS Scheduled to be Discontinued.
Suitable for the evaluation of the PV module, Cable, Connector, and Junction Box, Output: DC0.05kV to 10kV(5mA) at puncture test, DC-25 to -1500V/0.01M Ω to 9.99G Ω for insulation test, Rise-time control(AC) / Fall-time control (AC) function provided, Output voltage and panel settings are controlled through GPIB/RS-232C